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Approval Process

If you would like to book your dog in with us at Tiverton Dog Centre, your dog must first pass an assessment. The assessment lasts for one hour and once complete we can advise further on suitability and services. To be considered, your dog must not show any signs of overly aggressive or dominant behaviour and they must not bark excessively. You will also need to provide us with a copy of your dog’s current, up to date vaccinations, which should include DHPPL and Bordetalla (Kennel cough) as well as up-to-date flea and worming preventatives.


Pets approved for Day care are always considered “on probation” since their behaviour can change. If their social skills become unsuitable at any time, their day care privileges can be suspended.

We recommend that dogs attend day care at least 1 time a week and preferably on the same day/days each week, when possible. Because dogs are routine animals; they will know when it is “day care day”. If they miss day care several times or for a long period of time we will do the introductory process all over again.

Hours of Operation

The day care opens at 7:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. Monday to Friday. All pets must be picked up by 6:00 p.m. Pets who are not picked up by 6:00 p.m. will be subject to an additional care fee.


We will only feed dogs if instructed to do so by the owner and the food must be directly given to us by them. We will never feed any dog unless arrangements have been set in place. The same applies to any treats or snacks throughout the day. Any food provided to us must be given in a sealed container with the dog’s name clearly displayed on it.

We recommend that dogs do not eat anything substantial during the day due to the high level of physical activity throughout the day. All owners will be made aware about the risk of life-threatening “bloat” (i.e., Gastric Dilation and Volvulus) which increases typically when dogs participate in rigorous activity after feeding, especially for large or deep chested breeds. Owners who feed their dogs in the morning are advised to do so before 6am.

Vaccination/Treatment Requirements

All dogs must be fully vaccinated, and a copy of their up-to-date vaccination card will be kept on file with us, this includes additional boosters and other treatments in the future. The vaccination records will need to be seen before being able to use our centre. Vaccinations required include DHPPL and Bordetalla (Kennel cough) as well as up to date flea and worming preventatives.

Dirty Dogs

Our day care staff will do their very best to clean up dirty pets before they are picked up by the owners. However, owners should understand that the primary role of our day care staff is to supervise their pets, and time is not available to provide a thorough bath before sending pets home.


We are happy to give oral or topical medications to the dog but require the following: all medications must be in their original container and must include the dog’s name, the name and strength of the medication, and directions including dosage, number of times per day, how it is to be given, illness to be treated, areas to be treated, etc. If a dog shows signs of being ill we will contact you and the required vets immediately.

Nametags, Collars & Microchips

All dogs must be wearing a quick-release collar with a nametag and must be on a lead upon entry. No metal, pinch, choke, beaded or studded collars allowed. All dogs must be microchipped and their individual identity number recorded with us.

Cancellation Policy

Day care services with less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged half the fee of the service that your dog was booked onto.


Owners understand that supervised off-lead socialisation and interaction between our guests is encouraged. Owners will have read through and signed our consent forms and be made fully aware of potential risks involved. Only when both ourselves and the owners are happy will a dog enter our centre.

Safety Issues

Any dog that requires time away from the main play group due to disruptive behaviour will be relocated to one of our calming rooms. If that behaviour continues we will ask for your dog to be collected and taken home. We reserve the right to refuse service to any dog that is deemed unsuitable to be in the day care. This policy ensures that we maintain a safe environment for everyone at all times.


Owners can arrange to have friends or relatives pick up their dog, but owners must inform our day care staff in advance before we will allow any other person to take home a pet that is not theirs.

Proof of ID must be shown.

Weather Policy

Tiverton dog centre will be open for day care in all but the most extreme weather conditions. “Extreme” shall be defined as a wind, rain, snow or ice event resulting in extremely hazardous road conditions, usually with closures to offices as well as schools. If we close due to an extreme weather event, or if most of the dogs scheduled for that day have cancelled due to a weather event, we will post on our Facebook page as well as our homepage. We will also contact clients by text/call if they are scheduled for day care. We ask all clients to check text and/or our Facebook page before bringing your dog.

Your dog’s first day after passing the assessment

When bringing your dog for its first day with us you will meet us outside and we will have a brief chat about how your dog has been and any concerns you may have about the day. We will then take your dog inside to start its fun filled day. Your dog has access to inside and outside secure play areas as well as a covered yard and is never shut away during the time spent with us. We have no kennels apart from to isolate any dogs that may require it, so you can rest assured your dog is doing something active all day if it chooses. Within every room we have lots of sleep and rest areas which your dog can use at any time. Alternatively, if we feel your dog needs a rest and to be taken away from the activities for a while, we will do this and place them in our ‘quiet room’ for some relaxation time so as not to over exercise them. During the day your dog will have access to all our play equipment and areas (which you will have already seen) and will be taking part in lots of safe socialising and playing with other suitable dogs that we have on site in the day care. When you collect them, at the time you choose, you can be sure that they will be happy and tired.


All staff are highly experienced and qualified in the handling and training of all breeds of dog in the working environment. Most staff have over 6 years’ working experience, so you know your dog is in the safest of hands. It will be clear from meeting us how passionate we are to the care of all animals, but we have specialised our animal training into the care and understanding of dogs. Your dog is in the safest of hands with us here at Tiverton Dog Centre.


To be insured we have had to obtain a council granted animal licence. This is a very thorough inspection looking at all our operating procedures, policies, risk assessments and the layout and design of our building. This is all to make sure that everything is safe and in perfect working order before any dogs can be allowed on site. Just the fact we have obtained this licence shows that our facility is of excellent standards. We need this animal licence for our insurance purposes and it allows us to be part of a specialised animal care insurance group.


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Licence Number: AWL0043

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