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From the moment they arrive your dog will be in good company. We understand that every dog is different and we take our time to match individuals to the best group based on their size and play style.

• Individualised dog induction

Up to 10.5 hours of off the leash fun 

•  Secure indoor/outdoor play areas 

• Enrichment zones and activity

Daily photos, videos and updates 

Council licensed and insured

Professional, experienced staff 

Tiny Town Day Care

Tiny Town this area is for use by the little guys! The puppies use Tiny Town before they are ready for the main group, and it is also used for the smaller breeds to enjoy as and when required.

The main day care groups have their own separate outdoor area, which is what will be seen on Channel 4 when it airs.

We’ve converted what used to be a storage outbuilding and pushed the fencing in the car park out to gain loads of extra space. We love this area!


Our centre provides a unique chance for your dog to socialise in a safe and secure environment. All dogs are matched into groups that share similar personalities and character traits to ensure their time spent here is as fun and positive as possible.

Tailored play groups for all ages, sizes and breeds 

Calming rooms, chill out rooms, elderly dog rooms 

Specialised puppy room


We offer training within our centre for all ages and breeds. From beginner to intermediate levels of training, there is a class suitable for all dogs. Our inhouse dog trainers can provide 1-2-1 training as and where required. Please ask for more details.

• Beginners/experienced classes

• Puppy training sessions

• 1-2-1 with inhouse trainers

• Positive reinforcement

• Secure, safe, fun, positive

Puppy Parties

Our puppy parties are held every weekday at 10am. They are a unique chance for your puppy to learn how to socialise and play positively, all in our secure centre with other similar aged puppies. Building confidence and helping them learn essential life skills ensures that our puppy parties are one of the best starts to your dog’s social life.

• Confidence building

• Respectful play

• Daily sessions

• Specialist puppy room


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