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Tim and the staff have been amazing with my 2 beagles, Jessie was always nervous around dogs bigger than her and would shy away but we have noticed a massive improvement and she is so much more playful. Hunter loves to play as well and it’s good to see him running around like a nutter. They know when they leave with me for work it’s a day care day and both tails are wagging all the way. Such a friendly environment and I couldn’t recommend it enough. My 2 have so much fun and come home shattered which is a result

Jess Jarrett

I can’t recommend Tiverton dog centre highly enough. My dog loves it there and would go everyday if he could. He comes back so calm and chilled (and tired!) staff and facilities are amazing. Worth every penny.

Emma Ranson Bellamy

Wonderful play centre for dogs to socialise with other dogs. Our dog loves playing with his doggy friends for an afternoon, his helpers are very friendly and welcoming. I thoroughly recommend Tiverton Dog Centre.

Joanna Eames

My 4 puppies have been going 2 mornings a week and my older one as well, they have great fun and it’s great to socialise them. All are made welcome.

Melissa Lockyer

My shepsky pup had his first visit today and he has come back absolutely shattered he must have had so much fun. Very friendly staff who were brilliant with my boy looking forward to taking him back next week

Kim Ashton

This place is amazing, I was so worried about sending my frenchie to day care or to a dog Walker, but he loves it and it has been really helpful in socialising him with other dogs. The staff are so friendly and helpful.

Kerry Cottrell

Super knowledgeable and kind staff. My Labrador has always been quite anxious and after just a short session with these guys she was settled and playing.
Cannot recommend them enough.
Jenna Tomlinson

This is an amazing dog facility with the loveliest people looking after the dogs. Our young Springer Spaniel goes two afternoons a week to help with his confidence and socialisation and it’s really working. He has such a great time there and is always exhausted when he gets home! I would highly recommend Tiverton Dog Centre – you feel safe leaving your dog there, knowing they will take good care of them.

Sarah James

Such a lovely place to put Barkley in for the day. He is always so excited to go and knackered when he comes back from all the playing. They send me videos and pictures so I know he is ok!He absolutely loves it there and has grown so much confidence. Lovely people and lovely dogs that go there! Definitely recommend.
Chloe Nott

Tiverton dog centre offers such an amazing service, they take pride in looking after the dogs, keeping them entertained & caring for there needs, my dog absolutely loves it there, couldn’t ask for a better place for my dog to go to, definitely would recommend their 5* dog centre.

Lorraine Tidball

5 out of 5 stars! I highly recommend Tiverton dog centre. Our two boys absolutely love going here. They get exited everyday of the week because they think they’re going.The staff are all absolutely amazing and so knowledgable. I’ve spent many a time picking their brains and with the girls having dog training experience, they certainly know their stuff!
We get regular updates and photos throughout the day to show us what the boys are up to. The boys also come home absolutely knackered which is a bonus! We’ve been lucky enough to see our boys playing with the other dogs inside the building, and what a fantastic space it is. We were slightly nervous to put the boys into day care having never done anything like this before. However, I have total trust in every member of staff at the tiverton dog centre. They’re an amazing team offering a fantastic service
Zoe Williams

Highly recommend Tiverton dog centre. The staff and the facilities available are amazing, always worry about leaving Charlie with other people however I know he is in safe hands I even get sent updates throughout the day to see what he is up too. He also comes back very tired which is an bonus!

Caitlin Bird

Daisy, my little Jack Russell’s, behaviour had completely changed at home over the past year since losing our other pooch. Her anxiety had reached a point where she was distressed in proximity of other dogs and finding even the shortest walks really stressful, a huge change from the dog we knew a year ago. After a few chats with Tim, and with another pup soon to arrive – we decided to bite the bullet and book her in for some sessions to see if we could bring her out of herself again.
Tim, Lis and Kayleigh have been so patient with her over the last few weeks and eased her in so so gently. I’m amazed that this week she’s managed her full days and had videos sent to me with her wagging her tail, being part of the big group and loving life. I can’t believe how much of a difference there is within her confidence already!
Becks Ash

Called this morning to enrol our Polly who is 6months old to the puppy party on Friday…
Tim was very informative and helpful and we are excited for Polly to make some new friends.
EJ Skuse

Such a professional set up & the friendliest team. I wouldn’t leave Bumble anywhere else, excellent work guys.
Kellie Cornish

Highly recommended . All the team at TDC are knowledgeable and more than helpful . I am happy knowing that My puppy is well looked after and cared for when He goes for day care.
Going to TDC had helped to socialise My Puppy, and prices are more than reasonable.
Rachel McAuley

We would highly highly recommend Tiverton Dog Centre.
The whole setup, staff, location and prices are all you could ever want for you pooch. All the staff are friendly, knowledgeable and so helpful, we have followed their advice and our dog has come on so much in a short time. She loves to go there and gets excited as we arrive, jumps out of the car and rushes to the door to meet her new gang.
If you are contemplating taking you dog there, I would definitely not hesitate to have an introduction period, and I’d say don’t take too long as their reputation is growing and deservedly so.
Dave Brettle

I would highly recommend Tiverton Dog Centre , all the staff are brilliant and Freddie absolutely loves going here! Socialisation as a puppy is so important and I feel very lucky that this centre opened when it did especially with lockdown Freddie is now a different dog. I get regular photo updates of him playing with the other dogs and having such a good time. He comes home absolutely shattered!
Suzanne Palmer

I can highly recommend the Tiverton Dog Centre. Since taking my dog Arthur, he has become more sociable with other dogs and a full day absolutely wipes him out. He’s a sprocker so needs the exercise. The price for a full day is amazing too. All the staff are so knowledgeable too, they recommended a better diet and Arthur has a beautiful shiny coat now. I’d give more than 5 stars if I could. I will be using this amazing place all the time. Thank you for opening and running such an amazing place for our beloved pooch.
Sue Barnes Savage

We highly recommend Tiverton Dog Centre.
They are so friendly and helpful, and you know your dog is going to be in safe hands for the day.
The opening and closing times are perfect for our puppy Marlo, he gets to go and play for the day, and we know he’s having a blast while we’re at work.
He absolutely loves going and is shattered when he gets home.
He gets the socialisation with a variety of types and ages of dogs, that wouldn’t be possible otherwise, which helps him to be a confident and happy little fluffer!
Thanks guys!!
Hayley McGrath

Just picked up smudge from his day at the centre, he definitely looks and sounds like he’s had fun! Such a great, clean environment and very friendly staff. He crashed out the moment we got home. 100% would recommend to anyone.
Barry Pike

Tim and the girls are brilliant, Alfie can’t wait to get in each time he goes, it is clear he loves them dearly. He now knows how to play with other dogs, so important for his puppy journey. We know he’s safe and happy gives us peace of mind. The staff are welcoming and friendly and give you regular updates and often get pictures during the day. I can’t recommend them enough. Thank you so much with a woof from Alfie.
Jacqui McGrath

Well what an amazing place this is. My puppy pheebs loves her days here with all the doggies and the hoomans. I feel happy that my beloved pup is safe and happy. She comes home every time absolutly shattered. This place really is what we needed in a town full of dog lovers
I want to say thanks to all the guys at tiverton dog centre for taking such good care of my pheebs.
Pheebs loves you guys!
Alanna Shere

Our puppy Otis loves it here, he has been a few times now and has really gained confidence with other dogs and people.
It’s such a comfort to know that there is somewhere like this that can help, knowing your pet is safe and happy playing while you work.
Thank you to all the lovely staff there that make you feel they really care about your fur baby thanks again.
Siobhan Crocker

I was really nervous leaving Bobby as he has separation anxiety! but he loves it here so thank you all for doing such an amazing job!
Alanna Maunder

Denzel had a great time at the centre on Friday, he was full of fun when he came home and slept like a baby all evening, which was a bonus. The centre is just what he needs, meeting other dogs in great surroundings. Thanks Tim and the team for opening a much needed facility in town.
John Fagg

I have just picked up Peggy after a whole day with Tiverton Dog Centre.
I was sent lots of photos of Peggy having fun playing with the other dogs, which was a nice touch.
These guys know their stuff, clearly love and care for dogs, Peggy will be back after Christmas.
Thank you very much!
Sarah Blair

My Daisy , cockerpoo had a lovely afternoon today. She must have been busy making lots of new friends. Since she got home all she done is sleep
Alyson Chapman

I just wanted to say, today I took my dog Scooby for a consultation and chat to see if this was something suitable for him. I met Tim and Jazz, they were so friendly, helpful and reassuring, very knowledgeable and caring. I can’t wait for them to officially open and wish them every success in their exciting adventure x
If anyone has a dog / puppy I recommend making an appointment to go and see the services they are offering and have a chat. 🐶
Scooby has been attending twice a week now for several weeks and totally loves it. Everyone is warm and welcoming, nothing seems too much trouble, always happy to chat and offer any advice they can.
Plus I get several photos throughout the day whilst he is there.
Clair Ellicott

Bruno loves his days at dog centre! hes so happy to go and very tired when he comes back! So happy to find a place where hes comfortable and understood for his big silly ways!
Jade Croker

My Bella and I would not hesitate to recommend Tiverton Dog Centre or as I call it to my pup…..’school’
Bella has taken along time to come out of her shell as wary of other dogs, although likes them. Tim and his team have been fantastic in helping her with her confidence and today for the first time she proper played with her friends! There’s every size, breed and age of dog so if you want to socialise your furry friend in a safe and positive environment this is the place to come!
Louise Woodman

Took our pupster to her first puppy party (hour session) and so glad we did. She loved it and we got sent photos to she her day… we will book again!
Cristina Alexandria


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